Sirin Elci’s career spans 23 years, with around 18 years spent in science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship policies and programs. She is the President and CEO of INOMER, a Faculty Member at the Science and Technology Policy Studies Program of the Middle East Technical University (teaching innovation policy and program design and evaluation to the MS and PhD students), and was the Founding Director of Technopolis Turkey.

During her career, Sirin has led and conducted consultancy, training and research for the private and public sectors, academia in a variety of countries, and with international organizations (World Bank, European Commission, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, United Nations, etc.).

Sirin is involved in raising awareness on and creating a culture of innovation in Turkey. Her efforts resulted in the integration of innovation into the national education curricula in 2006, and the inclusion of innovation programs in various private companies, education institutes and public bodies. She designed and managed the Public Sector Innovation Project (2007-2010), running pilot implementation, research and awareness raising activities in a number of ministries. Sirin also designed and coordinated the first national “Innovation in Public Sector Competition” under this project.

Sirin has published three books and other publications on innovation and research innovation strategies. Since 1997, she has actively taken part in international and national associations, networks and task forces including those of the Association for Technology Implementation in Europe (TAFTIE). She was the senior policy analyst to the MEDA countries and national correspondent for the Inno-Policy TrendChart and ERAWATCH initiatives of the EC.

In 2010, Sirin was chosen as a leader and pioneer in her field to attend the US Presidential Entrepreneurship Summit. The event is organized by the leadership of President Obama and brings together a field of highly qualified nominees from around the world.